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What's the difference between natural Hanadamas and regular Hanadamas?Updated 2 years ago

We’re happy to clarify the difference between Natural White vs. Regular White Hanadama Grade Akoya pearls.

Natural White refers to the untreated Hanadama pearl. These pearls have been individually selected from freshly harvested pearls for their color and luster. The color tends to be closer to a stark white, most often with silver or naturally-occurring pink overtones.

There will be a notation on your Pearl Science Laboratory certificate stating there has been no color treatments or other additions to the pearls. 

Regular White Hanadama pearls usually have more of a rose overtone due to the fact it undergoes a process called pinking. This process will tend to leave pearls with a slight pink or silver-rose tone, and create a more uniform color. 

Natural White Hanadama pearls are priced higher than the Regular White because these strands are rarer than the Regular White Hanadama. Natural white Hanadama pearls must be matched perfectly with no treatment and still pass the stringent Hanadama grading process. 

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