What it the difference between AA+ and AAA akoya pearls and the Freshadama pearls you carry?

First, Akoya pearls are saltwater pearls from Japan and Freshadama pearls are loose-grade, round freshwater pearls grown in China. Both grades of Akoya and Freshadama are visually similar and very high quality pearls. Akoya will be perfectly round while Freshadama is very near-perfect round and both exhibit high luster and smooth surfaces.


The two grades of Akoya differ slightly in that the AA+ quality, while round and lustrous, won’t exhibit quite as high a shine as AAA and may have an occasional minor surface inclusion.


Freshadama pearls are loose-grade freshwater pearls. In other words, they are pearls that were separated from the rest of the pearl harvest for their exceptional quality characteristics. These pearls are typically sold as loose individuals or pairs. These are the pearls we use to match and drill into our Freshadama line of strands and jewelry. They are the finest freshwater pearls produced in the world.

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