What are the differences between AA+, AAA and Freshadama quality Freshwater pearls?

The most important fact to know when shopping for pearls is that grading is not standardized and is always subjective. Unlike diamonds and other gemstones, there are no internationally recognized standards and every system is specific to the company that uses it.

We grade the freshwater pearls we offer on three levels, AA+ being the lowest we offer.

Our AA+ freshwater pearls are slightly off round but appear round when worn, will always have good to high luster and may exhibit very slight imperfections, visible only under close examination.

The shape is the primary differentiator between our AA+ and AAA. Our AAA quality is more round and will always have high luster and virtually perfect surface.

Freshadama is the highest quality we carry in the freshwater pearl category. Freshadama-grade pearls are loose-grade pearls, or pearls that have been selected individually prior to drilling for their exceptional quality characteristics. These pearls are typically sold wholesale as single pearls and pairs, undrilled. Freshadama strands are composed of these pearls; selected, drilled and matched by us.


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